Blaum Bros. Oldfangled Bourbon Staff Pick!

Blaum Bros. Distilling Co. Oldfangled Knotter Bourbon Single Barrel Cask Strength!  Hand selected by our Family Beer & Liquor staff, this Cask Strength beauty tips the scales at 118.4 Proof (59.2% ABV).

Nose:   Delicate, with a complex maturity. Notes of sweet orange peel, spice, toasted caramel, and sultana.

Palate: An assertive attack of toffee, clove, sweet oak, burnt sugar, and floral tendencies. A tamed beast, with an ideal balance of subtle, complex character and unadulterated force.

Finish: Medium intensity, with lingering wood spice, warm sugar, and heavy toast.

$87.99 per 750ml bottle.  Less than 100 bottles of this single barrel gem remain, so grab one before they are gone forever!  Tim Althaus